155x120x83mm Aluminum DIY Case Project Box - Κουτί Κατασκευών (Silver)

155x120x83mm Aluminum DIY Case Project Box - Κουτί Κατασκευών (Silver)

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Ωράριο ΚαταστήματοςΩράριο Καταστήματος


Features :

  • High variability, high strength
  • Arbitrary length, open hole, processing technology
  • Light in weight, durable in use
  • High recovery, good shielding, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is nearly two times that of copper
  • The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of copper
  • Non ferromagnetic, which is an important feature of the electrical and electronic industries
    Aluminum profiles are not spontaneous, which is important for the application of the handling or exposure to flammable and explosive materials


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Treatment process: sand blasting oxidation
  • Thickness: approx.1mm



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