10.1'' HDMI/VGA Monitor Display for Raspberry Pi 2/3 1024x600

10.1'' HDMI/VGA Monitor Display for Raspberry Pi 2/3 1024x600

EastRising, ER-TFTV101-1
(95.00 με Φ.Π.Α.)
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10.1 inch LCD:

  • ER-TFTV101-1 is 1024x600 dots 10.1 " color tft lcd module display with hdmi,vga,video,av signal driver board,optional 4-wire resistive touch panel and touch panel usb port controller driver board and remote control,superior display quality,super wide view angle.It can be used in any embedded systems,car,industrial device,security and hand-held equipment which requires display in high quality and colorful video. Its HDMI interface is fully compatible with Raspberry PI platform .


  • Power adaptor should be 12V/1000mA in output and center pin for positive voltage and the outer shield for negative voltage.The temperature for controller RTD2660 would increase during working.That's normal phenomenon,not quality problem.
Gross Weight (kg) 0.2100
Manufacturer EastRising
Series Number ER-TFT101-1
Part Number(Order Number) ER-TFTV101-1
Connection FPC-Connector
Display Format 1024x600 Dots
Sunlight Readable N/A
Touch Panel Optional Yes
Outline Dimension 235.0(W)x143.0(H)mm
Visual Area N/A
Active Area 222.72(W)x125.28(H)mm
Character Size N/A
Diagonal Size 10.1"
Dot (Pixel) Size N/A
Dot Pitch N/A
IC Package COG
IC or Equivalent HX8282+HX8696
Interface Video(CVBS), VGA,HDMI
Display Type TFT-LCD Color
Response Time(Typ) 20ms
Contrast Ratio(Typ) 500:1
Colors 65K/262K/16.7M
Viewing Direction N/A
Viewing Angle Range Left:70.0 , Right:70.0 , Up:60.0 , Down:40.0 degree
Appearance RGB on Black
Brightness(Typ) 130cd/m2
Backlight Color White Color
Backlight Current (Typ) N/A
Power Supply(Typ) 3.3V
Supply Current for LCM(Max) N/A
Operating Temperature -20~70
Storage Temperature -30~80

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