iEAST AudioCast BA10, Bluetooth Receiver 4.2 aptX with Microphone

iEAST AudioCast BA10, Bluetooth Receiver 4.2 aptX with Microphone

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Brand: iEAST
MPN: AudioCast BA10
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Bluetooth Receiver 4.2 aptX with Microphone

iEast AudioCast BA10 Récepteur Bluetooth 4.2 aptX avec Microphone Compatible Car Audio
iEast AudioCast BA10 Récepteur Bluetooth

A complete and affordable Bluetooth receiver

The iEast AudioCast BA10 is an accessible Bluetooth 4.2 receiver with many features and very good audio performance. Thus, it will allow you to offer your system a convenient Bluetooth reception to stream your music from your sofa, but can also adapt for an audio system in a vehicle, also acting as a hands-free kit.

Efficient Bluetooth transmission

This receiver has Bluetooth version 4.2. This allows to improve the transmission speed and its stability, but especially to connect 2 devices simultaneously. Therefore, if another person is already connected to the AudioCast BA10, there is no need to disconnect it to enjoy the device.

The integrated chip also benefits from Qualcomm's aptX technology. This also greatly increases transmission speed and stability, for a much better sound reproduction.

ieast audiocast ba10 aptx

Drive in music

The AudioCast BA10 can connect to your vehicle's audio system via 3.5mm jack (USB power supply). Once plugged in, simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy your music. In addition, the BA10 has a microphone, allowing you to receive and answer your calls directly.

ieast audiocast ba10 car audio

Easy to use


Step 1

Connect the USB power supply and the 3.5mm Jack cable to turn on the unit and press the multi-function button to enter pairing mode.


Étape 2

On your smartphone, go to Bluetooth settings, search and connect to AudioCast Ba10 once detected.


Étape 3

Once connected, all you have to do is play your favorite songs to enjoy them.

ieast audiocast ba10 récepteur bluetooth

Robust design

The AudioCast BA10 benefits from a neat design, with a circular and original aesthetic. The device is also robust as it offers a Zinc alloy housing, rubber seals and perfectly calibrated component integration.

In addition, it has an LED indicating the status of the device:

StatusLEDVoice alertMultifunction button
Power on Blue, blinks twice "Bluetooth device has started" /
Power off / / /
Pair mode Blue, blinks "Bluetooth Pair Mode" Press 3 seconds
Connected Blue, continuous "Bluetooth connected" /
Disconnected Blue, blink twice per every 2 seconds "Bluetooth disconnected" /
Clear data Blue, blinks "Clear settings" Press more than 6 seconds
Music mode Blue, continuous / Short press : Play / Pause
Double press : Next
Call mode Blue, continuous / Short press  : Hang off
Press more than 1s : reject call



Technical characteristics

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth protocols aptX
A2DP 1.3
HFP 1.6
Micro sensitivity -38dB
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
SNR > 90dB
THD < 0.1%
Bandwidth 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
Distance 10m
Audio output Jack 3.5mm
Power supply > 500mA via Micro USB

Google export features

AudioCast BA10


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